Building BR Standard Class 6 'CLAN' 72010 'HENGIST' 

Frame assembly has begun!
At CTL Seal. Sheffield the frame assembly has begun!
Bogie wheel centre raw casting
Cylinder patternprogress
The main cylinder core being prepared for turning
Rear truck pivot fabrication complete
3D Model update
Updated 3D model with slide bar and motion brackets
The Right Hand motion bracket is seen here being machined at CTL Seal in Sheffield


The 'CLAN' Story

The Class 6 'Clan' Pacific Locomotive, designed by Robert Riddles for the British Transport Executive, was part of the post-war modernisation plan for the newly formed British Railways.
An initial order for 10 of these versatile machines were built, being named after Scottish Clans and allocated to Glasgow Polmadie and Carlisle Kingmoor sheds.

British Railways planned to build another 15 'Clans', alongside 91 larger Class 7 'Britannias', to work fast passenger services, however, in the midst of a break in production, caused by a world steel shortage, a political decision was taken to advance dieselisation and to cease the building of new steam locomotives - starting with express passenger types. Accordingly all Class 6 'Clans' and Class 7 'Britannias', being built or on order, were cancelled. 

No example of a Class 6 'Clan' survived and the type was, sadly, lost to Britain's railways.

The 'CLAN' Project

The Standard Steam Locomotive Company Limited (parent body of THE ‘CLAN’ PROJECT) was set up to build the 11th ‘Clan’, using the original design drawings. The engine is being constructed as a continuation of the original British Railways design sequence, adopting all the improvements outlined in the Lot 242 drawings and taking the name & number of the next locomotive scheduled on the original 1954 Crewe works itinerary: 72010 ’HENGIST’.

It will be a true serial production machine in every respect, rivet for rivet, bolt for bolt, just as British Railways had planned and will bring ’young blood’ to the preservation scene in the guise of a modern, go anywhere, low maintenance, low running cost locomotive to complement and help complete the story of British Railways’ Standard Steam Locomotive designs.

The Company, limited by Guarantee, is a Registered Charity, owns the locomotive, No: 72010 ‘HENGIST’ and is managed by a Council of Management elected by and from the membership.

Help raise funds for this new build steam locomotive by using the link below when purchasing online. The retailer will then donate a percentage of your purchase to the project at NO cost to yourself.

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