August update - wheels and cylinders

While the frame parts are delivered from the various workshops around the country to be assembled we are already looking beyond the frame assembly to the next phases of the project. The photo above, and the one keen eyed viewers will have seen on the home page, shows part of the cylinder pattern prior to turning. The patterns are being made by our pattern maker and supporter Tony Dance to a very high standard and we thank him for his support.

The next phase, after frame assembly, will be the building of the front bogie and pony truck. Together with the frames these will then form a rolling chassis in preparation for the cylinder blocks and driving wheels. Keen members have already sponsored the bogie wheel centres and one of the pony wheel centres. A full list of outstanding parts for these assemblies will be published shortly. We already have the bogie side plates in store in Burton along with several bogie castings.

A whole lot of progress! All the t's are being crossed and i's dotted ready for the assembly of the frames. This is as much paperwork as steelwork ensuring everything is in order to complete a 21st century steam locomotive.

Items for sponsorship

Currently we have one pony truck wheel centre available for sponsorship at £750. Please contact us via the donation page to sponsor this essential item.


Rear dragbox now complete!

The rear dragbox assembly has now been completed and is awaiting delivery. Another step closer to the frames being assembled in the coming months. A fantastic job has been made on this fabrication.

2017 AGM Report

The Annual General Meeting of the Standard Steam Locomotive Company Ltd, parent organisation of The ‘Clan’ Project, was held at ‘Steam’, the museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon, on the afternoon of Saturday 15th July 2017; being preceded, on the morning of the same day, by a full Council of Management meeting

This was an extremely successful event, where the progress in the acquisition of frame parts, over the past twelve (12) months, was explained in detail to those present, using a PowerPoint presentation written for the purpose (see illustration).  

A sizeable number of members attended and showed themselves to be fully engaged with proceedings, there being many and varied questions and suggestions from the floor and a considerable amount of donations were taken on the day, along with persons joining as new members.

Items from our branded goods range were on sale, and some members bought items there and then, with others ordering clothing in specific sizes, which has since been ordered to their requirements.

At the AGM, membership secretary Allan Jones was nominated for the vacant Chairman’s position by the membership, and was duly elected to that position. This change in the management team was brought about by the regrettable and unexpected decision of Chairman Elect, Alan Lowe, not to stand for formal election, due to ever increasing constraints on his time and availability - a decision received with much sadness by the Council of Management.

Commercial Director Bob Ife and B.R.S.L.O.G. Representative, and Sales & Trading Officer, Chris Jones, were also unanimously re-elected to their respective posts, in line with the Council’s ‘three year’ rule.

The newly elected Chairman will continue in the role of membership secretary conjointly, there being no difficulty in combining the two positions at the present time.

Currently we are actively seeking to recruit a Company Secretary, Vice Chairman, and a Media/Publicity advisor, in order to further strengthen the management team as we move toward the commencement of the build.

Help raise funds for this new build steam locomotive by using the link below when purchasing online. The retailer will then donate a percentage of your purchase to the project at NO cost to yourself.