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Join the Standard Steam Locomotive Co Ltd


Anyone can become a member of the Standard Steam Locomotive Co Ltd. When you become a member, you become a member of the Standard Steam Locomotive Company Limited - a company that is limited by guarantee. This means that there are no shareholders. As the company is a registered charity, then any winding up of the company means that the assets must be distributed to an organisation with similar charitable aims. As a member in the event that the company is wound up, then members liabilities are limited to an amount not exceeding £1. You can choose between Annual or Life Membership

The Annual Membership option runs for 1 year from when you join and ends on the last day of the month that you joined in the following year. Renewal reminders are sent out by email in your final month. You will receive a 'Certificate of Membership' on first application and an Annual Membership Card.

Life Membership is also available.

Membership brings with it certain benefits, not least, two editions of our house magazine, 'Hengist Herald', per year (May & December), the right to vote at our Annual General Meeting (not Juniors) and the opportunity to get involved with the project through working parties, the sales team, members' forums etc.

If you are able to bring any experience or useful skills to the project, please let us know - the building of a brand new Class 6MT steam locomotive utilises a range of skills from administration and sales through to heavy engineering and, if you can fill any gap, you will be most welcome.

Apply for Membership today; simply click the button below and complete the online application form. We will respond with bank details for your online payment.

Membership Grades

Annual Membership
Grade Fee Benefits
Adult Member £5.00 minimum per month
or £60.00 minimum per year
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Membership Card
  • Regular Newsletter
  • 1 Vote at General Meetings
  • Car Sticker
Junior Member
One person aged less than 16 yrs
£7.50 per year until age 16
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Membership Card
  • Regular Newsletter
  • Car Sticker

Life Membership is available which requires a single initial payment

Life Membership
Grade Fee Benefits
Life Member £400.00
(Single payment)
  • Certificate of Life Membership
  • Membership Card
  • Regular Newsletter (for Life)
  • 1 Vote at General Meetings (for Life
  • 1 x Ticket on a revenue earning train hauled by 72010 'HENGIST'
  • 1 x Invitations to Launch
  • Car Sticker
Discretionary Membership
Associate Member Gifted by Council of Management
  • Certificate of Associate Membership
  • Associate Membership Card
  • Bi-Annual Newsletter
  • Car Sticker
  • Renewable Annually at the Discretion of the Council of Management
  • NO voting rights

Membership Renewal

Membership (except Life) renewal will fall on the last day of the month that you joined in the following year. Renewal fees MUST be submitted to the Company by not later than 2 weeks after your renewal date.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, please remember to complete the 'Gift Aid' section of the online form to allow us to reclaim the tax applicable to your Membership Fee and any donation.

Data Protection - Terms & Conditions

The membership system for the Standard Steam Locomotive Co Ltd is electronically based and does not use paper records. As such, we will store your personal details on a secure IT system.

  1. The Standard Steam Locomotive Company Limited is the data controller. Membership data is currently stored in a secure area of the on line web site. Data is backed up to a secure system hosted by a third party commercial web hosting service. Personal data can only be accessed by administrators with the correct access privilege and using their username and password.
  2. We use your personal data solely for the purposes of informing you about Standard Steam Locomotive Company Limited activities and for managing your membership records. We mainly use postal mail for all communications although we may use e-mail more in the future for those members who record a preference for e-mail communication.
  3. We do not exchange your personal data with any other person or organisation.
  4. We hold the following information about you :
  5. We will not store any of your financial details on our system, e.g. bank account details, credit card details
  6. You can access all of the information we hold on by contacting the membership secretary. If we move to an online system, you will be able to inspect all of the data we hold on you.
  7. You can ask us to delete your records at any time. If you are a member of the Standard Steam Locomotive Company Limited, we will have to cancel your membership as our membership system is electronically based.
  8. If your membership lapses, then we will retain your records for 3 years, unless you ask us to delete them. After that period, they will be deleted.
  9. We do not use "cookies" on the open web site. We use cookies in the members only area purely to manage a secure connection while logged on and for no other purpose. All cookies are destroyed when you log off.