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Bogie Axlebox Guides (1)
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  Mike H at work with the Asquith portable drill in drilling/reaming the bolt holes for the bogie axlebox guides.7 of 8 are now complete - hopefully next week should see this particular job complete.
Bogie Axlebox Guides (2)
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  With the left hand side complete, we can now fit the liners to the axlebox guides on a temporary basis. The liner is the plate with the "X" lubrication channels - this face is manganese steel which has been welded to the steel liner. The liners are held on with temporary bolts. Next job will be to fit the frame keeps across the top of the frames using bolts in the holes marked D1, D2, D17 and D18. Then we will acculturate measure the gap between the liners in order to calculate how much machining is required to ensure that the faces are truly parallel and have the correct working clearance for the cannon axleboxes.

Note on the Left Leading Trailing axlebox (LLT) guide, one of the bolts is missing. Here the hole when reamed circular turned out to be slightly large so a slightly oversize bolt will need to be ordered to fit. Note that this bolt and the one to the left of it have countersunk heads. This is to avoid fouling problems with the bogie spring cradle.