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29/08/2020 - Riveting of Frames

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Highslide JS

Our original design aim was to use fitted bolts when assembling the frames - the reasoning is explained in the design section of the web site. Once the frame to cast steel stretcher bolts were fitted, it became obvious that the some of the bolts were preventing the frame keep bolts from being fitted. In the image, the frames are upside down and the frame keep is at the top, itself upside down and fitted as a temporary stay. The 4 bolts each side of the hornguides marked "R" are the bolts that need to be replaced by rivets. On Saturday 29 August, Varley Boilers were on site to fit the rivets.

2 videos are available is a video of the outside of the frames is a video of the outside of the frames

Highslide JS The frames have been set up in the Assembly shop close to the front door. John and Andy from Varley Boilers are setting up. In the background are 4 anchors being built by CTL Seal. The rivet guns can be seen on the trestle near the front of the frames
Highslide JS A set of rivets ready for installation. These will be cut to length once the correct length for the fitment has been established. Most rivets are 1-1/8" diameter and some are 1-1/4". They are a special materail to match the material in the cast steel stretchers. John says that the large rivets weren't easy to install!
Highslide JS John jnr heats up the riveting area. For an August Bank Holiday weekend, it was cool outside so the heat was welcome.
Highslide JS Time to heat up the rivets. John says that they are looking for a yellow colour to indicate the right temperature.
Highslide JS 3 other rivets are also getting some of the heat
Highslide JS John transfers the rivet to the frames with a set of pincers
Highslide JS Hammering against the frames to remove any scale
Highslide JS The rivet is passed to Andy who is on the inside of the frames
Highslide JS Andy carefully inserts the rivet into its hole
Highslide JS Andy drives the rivet into place and signals to John when he is ready
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16 records found. Page 1 of 2 displayed.