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News Archive entries for June 2019

Here are the diary entries for this month. You can use the forward and backward links to see the next or previous months. Most photos taken before 2018 are small size. From 2018 onwards, most photos you see below will have a link to a full size image by clicking on the photo.

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Small Parts Procurement
  A steam locomotive consists of a large number of components, mainly of them small. CTL Seal have been busy on a different project for the last couple of weeks but small components re being procured and added to stock. This week, we have added - starting from top left and going clockwise.

1. The tender lifeguards that will be fitted behind the rear tender wheel. These will be going to another supplier to be bent to the correct profile.

2.The support plate for the tender handbrake handle mechanism.

3. Bushes for the tender door hinges. We are fitting a BR1G tender which has a different door system to the original Clans.

4. The ladder frames for the rear of the tender. The rungs are also in stock and will be welded to the side frames
More Parts
  We're continuing to build up our parts inventory. Today we found the whistle in our secure brass store. This is shown on the left and is a Crosby Tri-Tone Chime Whistle. We've got a number of bogie parts out for manufacture and 2 of them came back today. The bogie has 2 leaf springs, one per side and mounted upside down compared with most leaf spring installations. Top right is shown the 2 spring caps just back from machining. The central pip is on the top and will be welded into the bogie stretcher casting. The leaf spring will engage in the cup. On the bottom are 8 frame keep bolts that will be fitted to the trailing frame keep feet - 4 bolts per side.
Smokebox Painting
  This week we have taken advantage of the arrival of summer (!) to get a coat of paint on the smokebox. Here Ashley Shimwell gets a coat of undercoat on the smokebox and chimney. When it stops raining, we will get a coat of matt black on.
Rear Spring Hanger Bracket
  We are very fortunate in having a large number of scans of the original British Railways drawings. We have around 900 of them. Working out the lot 242 (Mk 2 Clans) can be a challenge as sometimes the modification is clear in the drawing and sometimes it's been deleted entirely. For a small number of parts, the original BR drawing has been lost and is not in the National Railway Museum Catalogue. An example is the rear driving wheel, rear spring hanger. The other 5 driving wheel spring hangers are part of the cast steel frame stretchers. The rear hanger is bolted to the bottom of the firebox support stretcher. Fortunately 71000 - Duke of Gloucester - has exactly the same design so our engineering team have taken measurements and created our own drawing. We can now go out to get quotations for the 2 castings.

In a similar vein, does anyone have a Clan Class 6 superheater header?!
Latest edition of Clan News.
  The summer 2019 edition of the HENGIST project magazine is out and should be landing on the doorsteps of our members any time now.